The Empire buzz has died down and I’m almost a little embarrassed to admit that I’ve been playing the soundtrack religiously this past week. So as I’m listening to Jussie(Jamal) singing “Good Enough”, all I’m thinking is “that is a beautiful man”. But beneath the gorgeous face and the incredible voice, he says something that catches my attention. “I’ll never be big enough to pay your pay your dues but I’ll keep trying.”  Then I think of the many times that I or a friend have gone out of our way to make an impression, the many times we’ve worried about not being pretty enough, or smart enough, or funny enough. We’re just so concerned with being liked that we have actually forgotten how to be ourselves.

But what if we tried to be ourselves for a day? What if we shelved the superficial accent and the hypocritical attitude? What if we all decided to be brave enough to be ourselves ? Coz I guess that’s the thing…we are afraid to be ourselves because we aren’t aware of just how amazing each of us is. We try so hard to make an impression that ultimately we forget how impressive we are by just being ourselves.

So instead of trying to be good enough to pay someone else’s dues…we could just try to appreciate how great we already are.