I feel a little ridiculous writing this list. “Top 5 ways to win my heart”. It makes it sound like I have a queue of suitors and gentleman callers waiting to take notes 😂. However, I followed a writing prompt as I do with all my lists so let’s get into it. How in the world do you win Nkosilesisa‘s heart?

Letters and Handwritten Notes

I’m a little old fashioned and I’m a sucker for a letter or a hand written note. I have a box where I keep all my old letters and notes. Yes, I’m a sentimental fool but letters are so personal and I appreciate the time that it takes to actually put one down. In these Whatsapp times, people think texting “ily” is a declaration of love. It is not. Put it in a letter. 🥺

Talk to me!

I love talkers. Because I love listening. Few things are as beautiful as learning a new person. So talk. Tell me how you got that scar. Talk to me about the time you nearly got expelled from school. What’s the biggest lie you ever told? Who would you be if you weren’t you? I don’t care how mundane or how ominous you think it is. If it is about you, I want to know it. And once I know you-honestly know you, game over, I’m yours.

Love Kids and Animals

One day, I will tell you the story of how I fell quarter to love with a friend of mine because of the way he was with his niece. It wasn’t about “oh he’ll make a good dad one day”, it was his ability to make that fragile little human feel safe and at ease. Same goes for animals. Betty White even says you can tell a lot about a person from the way they treat an animal.

Take Interest in What I Do

In 2018, I was dating this guy. And this was about the same time that my first film premiered. I was so excited and so nervous and anxious, a lot was going on. Thing is I had been telling said guy about this for weeks, I wouldn’t shut up about it. On the day of the premiere, guy didn’t even text me to wish me luck, didn’t say a thing. He didn’t even watch it although he said he would. I was hurt.

And I was checked out after that. The worst part was he was a sports person and I learnt everything there was to learn about the sport he played so I could be supportive from an informed position. And what did I get in return? Point is I need you to be interested in what I do and I will be just as eager about what you do.

Like yourself

Self love is easy. It’s very natural. You’re born with yourself so loving yourself is innate. Liking yourself on the other hand is not. So if you’re going to win this gal’s heart, you need to like yourself. Like yourself enough to be able to have fun by yourself, to know you are a whole human being and are enough. I need you to like yourself to a point where you are sure you would be friends with you if you were somebody else. When you like yourself for the smart, funny, witty etc person you are, only then it does it get easier for the rest of us to like you.

So there you have it. My heart is pretty easily won. What are the ways to win your heart?