You’re never too old to learn anything. I’m also aware of the whole thing about old dogs and new tricks and I’m fairly grown dog but whatever, I still have stuff to learn. These are things that I probably should have learnt earlier or things I know the basics of but I just never got around to being good at.


I can’t swim guys. I am terrified of water, y’all have no idea. My fear of water and swimming goes back to a swimming lesson that I had when I was 6. It wasn’t the first one but for some reason, I nearly drowned during that one. I swear whenever I think of it, I can still taste the water in my mouth. But ngimdala guys, I need to get this shit sorted. Once Covid is over, I’m signing up for swim lessons.

Microsoft Excel

I don’t know how many turns I have had to learn Excel. There was a point in primary school I think but we only learnt to type into the cells then I think there was a short stint in secondary school when we learnt how to put in the formulae. Then I think the rest of the stuff was taught in the first year of  varsity. However, my IT classes were on Friday and there was no way I would have attended classes on Friday, angihlanyi.  Anyway, I needs to learn Excel now coz kuwow.

Handling Film Equipment

This will sound a little odd because how does someone in Film school not know how to handle film equipment? That’s not the issue. The issue is I know how everything works but I have an insane fear of technology. I believe I’m the human equivalent of Murphy’s Law: everything that can go wrong will go wrong. I’m always scared I will drop something and that shit’s mad expensive and…anyway we are rising above that fear and hoping for the best.

Playing a Musical Instrument

Y’all don’t know how much I wish I could play an instrument. Nothing as fancy as John Legend, just the basics. Not basic basic but you know just enough to impress people and to have fun with it. I wish I had had the opportunity to learn how to play one. Y’all would never hear the end of it.

Business Skills

I have had two “retail businesses”and they worked fairly well. I mentioned the businesses in one of my earlier posts. My problem is never making the sales; the problem is what to do with the profits once they come in.  I should learn how to keep my projects alive after the first stock is done. I need to learn that. Nothing as fancy as an MBA because ahh but just anything to teach me how to keep my little ventures alive.

What skills do you think you need to work on?