When I was nine, I had a clear idea of what my life would be like. I would be a pilot who owned a hair salon. I’d also be an actress and a full time teacher, oh and I’d have four very beautiful children. When I was eleven, I wanted to be a vet, when I was fourteen, I wanted to be a lawyer, when I was seventeen, I wanted to be a film director…and now that  I’m twenty and have never been wiser, I’ve found my niche and I know I’m going to be a publicist (and the best in the business, thank you very much) because let’s face it, there’s nothing I could do better. And while I’ll never get to be a child-rearing, sky-flying, hair-dressing teacher slash actress, I miss having dreams like that. I miss not being so practical about everything.

I’ve noticed that as we grow older, our dreams become more and more limited. It’s not so much that we want less or we want more practical things out of life, it’s just that we’re afraid. And I’m guessing the biggest fear in all of it is the fear of the unknown. The “what if” factor. “What if I don’t make it”, “What if I suck at it”, “What if it doesn’t work out” . We are so afraid of things that we don’t know that we let them keep us from unlocking our full potential. We can’t be afraid of the unknown, because that’s just what it is…UNKNOWN. While it seems scary to take a step in the unknown direction, it’s way better to live to tell the tale of how you once screwed up than to spend your life wondering what could have happened…”coz in the end we regret the choices we didn’t make than those we did.”

Our fear of the unknown is why we’ll never grow. It’s why we’re stuck in the same, boring situations for all our lives. We’re in the same job for years, we’re around the same people all the time, we repeat the same routine over and over again, we’re under the same leadership for decades. we eat the same kind of cereal, we live in the same house forever. We’re basically where we were ten or twenty years before, just because we are afraid to step outside our comfort zones. So go ahead, take a risk, the grass might actually be greener on the other side, and if it’s not…big deal, it’ll make a funny story someday.