Dear Menenzia or Modester or Ambrosia or Prudence or…know what, when the time comes, I’ll know what to call you.
Honey I could lie to you and say that this life thing is always going to be easy, and that you’ll always have the answers and that you’ll be everyone’s favourite person all the time. That would be easy, right. But come on, you’re my daughter and easy has never been your speed…you’re going to be just like mummy, only better.
You’ll roll your eyes and make a snide remark every ten seconds, you’ll have trouble taking instructions and all too often, you’ll blurt out the wrong thing. You’ll talk too freely about your period, people will frown upon your crude jokes  (because well brought up ladies don’t joke like that,right) and you might find death jokes aren’t as funny to everyone else as they are to you.
I want you to know from the onset that the universe belongs to you. Baby, the world is your stage and I want you to own it, and if anyone tries telling you the world doesn’t revolve around you, tell them they’re wrong because mummy says the world does revolve around you and mummy knows best.
They’ll probably call you egotistical and selfish and entitled, the braver ones  might even call you a bitch…but whatever, you deserve the world and anyone who has less than that to offer you really has no business being anywhere near you.
At 17, you’ll discover boys; one boy in particular. He’ll be a pastor’s kid with a dark side and because you’re my daughter, you’ll be drawn to the irony and poetry that is his existence. For years after meeting each other, you’ll break each other and tear each other down and still call it love. Ultimately, nothing will come out of it, but you’ll be a much better person for the experience.
On your 19th birthday, you’ll discover alcohol and that’s ok, mama don’t judge. Just don’t come telling me about it, I’m still your mother.
Somewhere along the way, you might want  to discover what your body can do in relation to  another person’s body, boy or girl; mama still don’t judge. I could go the typical route and tell you that sleeping with a man/boy yields your power to them, I could tell you that whatever relations you have with any male make you any more or less of a person…I won’t!

Your power is not between your legs, so nothing that goes on there could take away or add to said power. Baby, your power is in your mind, it’s in your thoughts, your reflections, the books that you read, the company that you keep, the prayers that you whisper…that’s where your power lies.

You won’t be everybody’s cup of tea and I want you to know that that’s ok, it’s a special thing to be. You’re going to be a handful-full of opinions and questions and tantrums and truth is…half the time, I won’t know know what to do with you, but I promise to do my best.
I can totally wait to meet you, no hurry.