I was going to post an entirely different list this week. However, with Naya Rivera’s confirmed passing, I though it befitting to make a list around her. For those who may not know Naya, she is the the actress who portrayed Santana Lopez on Glee. Because, I grew up on Glee, her untimely death has been hard to swallow.

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I really loved Naya, not just on Glee, but even as a person, a mother, a sister…she was a gem. I stayed up last night and cried a little. Anyway, let’s dive into our top five Naya Rivera Moments.

The Time She Did the B2K Video

Seeing a young Omarion serenade a young Naya will remain one of the purest things I have ever seen. And I love this because it reminds people that Naya had a career well before Glee.

Naya as Hillary On The Royal Family

While we are still on Naya having a career before Glee, she was a child star. She appeared on Fresh Prince, Family Matters and Soul Food. But my favourite of these will always be her role as Hillary in The Royal Family.

Doesn’t this just warm your heart

The Time She Owned Lip Sync Battle

So there’s a of history here. Naya and Big Sean dated. Then they were engaged. They then broke up and she was with Ryan Dorsey then Big Sean released “IDFWU”. Years later, on Lip Sync performed the same song that was meant to diss her.


Sorry, Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes and Growing Up

I read this in 2018 and I think it’s what sealed my love for Naya. The book is so honestly written. In it, she discusses hilarious incidents like messing up her hair, misfortunes with boys and the silly stuff that happened behind the Glee scenes. But she also gets really candid about things like ethnicity, abortion, financial trouble and Corey Monteith’s death.

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Every single day on Glee

I loved Santana Lopez. She said things everyone thought but beneath all of that, she had a heart of gold. She was one the most layered characters on the show and Naya did her justice. To top that, who can forget her belting out Taylor’s Swift’s Mine or Amy Winehouse’s Valerie?

But of course none of these will ever be as good as or over shadow the fact that she was a person and a mother and a lover and a sister first. Rest easy Queen.

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