I’m a townie. Mphatso and Nelson are very often underwhelmed by how little I want to permanently move out of my home town. They both have dreams of moving out to New York and LA and then there’s me…I’m okay with home-always have been.

Now this is not for a lack of ambition or anything remotely close. I like to think I have plenty ambition but I also think that I thrive best in familiar environments. This is not to say I will stay in my mother’s house every day until I die. No. I hope my work takes me places, all around Africa, all around the world, across all continents but at the end of the day, at the end of every project, I will always come home. To my mother, to my sister, to my grandpa, to the city that I love so insanely much.

So I guess my favourite place is home. It’s familiar, it’s kind, it raised me and in spite of however far I go, home will always be the house I grew up in, the people I grew up around.