As children we were taught to always apologize when we did wrong, I get it, it was a way to teach us to take responsibility for our actions from an early age. And as we grew older, the tradition of apologizing grew with us. We learnt to apologize for our mistakes like it was a reflex action. But the biggest mistake we made in all of that was apologizing for being our selves. Like the time you apologized for speaking a truth that no one wanted to hear, or the apology that you had to make for an outfit that someone else found offensive. Let’s stop it already. We have to learn to stop apologizing for being ourselves.

Very often we let other people define right and wrong for us. We give people the right to forgive us for sins we don’t even commit. Here’s the thing… you don’t owe anyone anything , now I’m not saying you should go out and be outright rude, I’m just saying you’re doing the best you can… and you should get points for trying. So make an apology today, your last apology… to yourself, for the many times you acted like any part of your being was something to be sorry about, it’s really not, we’re all really just trying. You’re your best self, and you can’t apologize for anyone who doesn’t know what  to do with that.