There are a number of people in my contact list who say they are sapiosexuals. That is good and well, I don’t believe half of them but none of my business. To each is own.

A sapiosexual is somebody who is physically, mentally and emotionally drawn to smart people. Sapiosexuals are (allegedly) turned on by intelligence. Read this to find out if you’re a sapiosexual.

I know for a fact I am not one. I care how people look or smell or sound because I’m a shallow shit. Those are my most primary attractions. Everything else becomes secondary. These secondary factors include someone’s intelligence, their ability to hold a conversation, their interaction with other people etc. However, I could never be attracted to somebody based entirely their intelligence.

Reason being, I’ve been around smart people my entire life and trust me some of the biggest jerks I have known were also coincidentally some of the smartest people I know. But that’s not even it. Being smart is just one thing. I couldn’t possibly give my life, my heart, my time and my body to somebody just because they got the intelligence thing on lock. That’s just one thing they get right. One guys? One? What happened to standards?

Give me kindness. Give me humour, depth, empathy, a defined bicep would be nice and because I’m a shallow little weasel, give me good looks. I think sapiosexuality is a little pretentious. Humans are not evolved enough to overlook how somebody else looks. I also don’t think that someone’s mind alone should be reason enough to fall in love with them or do whatever else with them.

What good is it being with somebody with an impressive IQ but they don’t check any other box? My thing is when you look for a partner or whatever you kids call it these days, look for more than just one thing. If you’re looking for intelligence alone, might as well start hitting it off with a testbot online. But if you’re looking for a human, look for layers. Yes they are smart but what else are they?