Let’s forget the shy quiet girl for a second and let this 26-year-old grown woman speak to you. I really didn’t realise I was grown until my nieces started calling me when they are disagreeing on something and when did I become the drunk aunty at the party who can’t drive? 😂

I can’t believe no one told me adulting was going to be this ghetto, there are no rules to this! But then again, no one said it would be easy. Adulting has me by the throat and I am fighting back trying to catch my breath. Lol, I remember me saying I can’t wait to grow up and do whatever I want. Ha! Joke’s on me and there is indeed food at home.

I used to walk in to a room and think should I really be here? These people look smarter and brighter than me. Well maybe they are smart and bright, but so am I, for the longest time I have doubted myself and carried my past trauma on my sleeves.

Well guess what baby girl? The world doesn’t care and now you have to adult. I guess I will learn the tricks as I grow. But for now, I will walk into that room, sit at that table with my uncontrollable facial expressions and maybe sink a giggle or two when no one is looking and I will add my two cents to whatever project we are doing with my big girl pants on, because that’s what adults do. I guess.