Anyone who knows me knows I have problems with my weight. It fluctuates like its on steroids and I’m currently the heaviest I have ever been. And no this isn’t a fat girl looking for pity or any of that, this is a fat girl saying she recently watched a good movie.

Brittany runs a marathon is about Britney, a 28 year old woman who is told she is overweight and for her health-and nothing but her health she has to lose quite a bit of it.

So she goes on this journey, to lose the weight-again only for her health. I found her journey so relatable. In one of the earlier scenes, she struggles to just run around the block, so she does this little thing where she takes her whole run little by little. The more she runs, the more she gets used to it…she even signs up for a marathon.

What I appreciated the most was how real her journey was. A lot of weight loss journeys on TV and social media are romanticised and idealised to look like the journey is pretty-i’s really not. It’s sweat, it’s sprained ankles, it’s disappointment every time you look in the mirror and see that there hasn’t been much change since the last time you checked. It’s having to choose between eating consciously and being a spoilsport when everyone is having pizza. It’s the utter heartbreak when you step on the scale after weeks of exercise, only to learn that you haven’t lost any weight- or worse have actually gained weight.

However, the reason why Brittany’s journey worked and mine never do (for they have been plenty) is because Brittany was consistent. She ran on day one and kept going in the same direction. My issue has always been I give up too easily- especially when I don’t see the results that I think I worked enough for.
But the next time, I try…I’m to commiting to a date yet because I need to psychologically get into it before I start. But the next time I start working out-I swear I’ll make it count. If Brittany can do it, well so can I and so can you.

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