If you let me into somebody else’s Instagram or Facebook or Twitter for whatever reason, my first step wouldn’t be their DMs- which I think is the obvious choice. I would go instead to the list of accounts they follow. I think these say more about them than any message in their DMs. What would you find in my follow list? Here are four of my favourites.

4.Underpants and Overbites-Instagram

I ran into this account by mistake. I was at this terrible comedy show and decided to go to my explore section on Instagram. Then I found the most hilarious yet honest comic strip I had ever seen. At least I managed to get a laugh in during that show. Underpants and overbites is a diary comic by Jackie E Davis. She reflects on daily mishaps such as getting wedgies lol but she also addresses less comical issues such as self-discovery and depression.


3.NaJesca- Facebook

Who doesn’t like a good laugh? This is one of the pages I know will post something so ridiculous, it will kill me, Regardless of what mood I’m in. Whether it’s a skit or a meme just a post nje, this page never misses the mark. It goes beyond the humour though. He does some interesting charity work and whenever there is a human interest story, he is always one of the first people to say something.

This is what my grocery list looks like when I go grocery shopping.

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2.Buzzfeed tasty-Instagram

I love my food, ok. I love making my food even more. I have been cooking experimentally for about three years now and I love it but sometimes I need some help. Quick guidelines with simple recipes and simples processes and that’s what Buzzfeed Tasty does for me. They also do desserts and one day when I overcome my fear of baking, I will start following those tutorials as well.

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Warm Potato Salad 😋 ➡️Recipe link in bio

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1.Shonda Rhimes-Instagram

If you are wondering why this is on my list and why its number one on my list, please close this tab and continue with your life. I love Shonda Rhimes! As a person, as a brand, as an Instagram account. I love her-periodt. I like knowing what she’s up to when she is not owning television, it’s like a little peek into your idol’s life and that did not sound stalkerish at all. She also shares her reading list, self-care tips, how to handle  racism and shares fun historical facts.

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The #HTGAWMFinale starts now!

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