When it comes to blogs, I’ve always favoured personal blogs. No hate towards any other type of blog but personal blogs are hands down the best for me. I think they are beautiful. I think there’s an undeniable beauty and bravery that comes with somebody willing  openly to share the details of  their lives with other people. It’s very easy to take that for granted but once you try to sit behind a computer and write something personal about yourself. It is one of the hardest things you will ever do. So I just want to appreciate some people who are brave enough to do this.

5.Sharon Sibindi- Shaz The Scribbler
I love a blog that doesn’t talk down at you or doesn’t try to tell you how to live your life. I love a blog that just tells you what the person is going through. And that’s what Shaz does, she shares her experiences with motherhood, work and relationships, It’s not a “how to” blog. It’s just a “this happened to me” blog and it’s so entertaining.

4. Dalu Piason- Piason

The issue now is Dalu stopped blogging. I don’t know why. I found his blogs entertaining but asazi. So if he reads this, or of anyone with access to him reads this, please let him know that his readers are here, waiting. And his blog is so special because we don’t have a lot of guys who have personal blogs. And I enjoy his.


3. Themby Terry Zulu-Live Vicariously

Remember a few days ago I told you that I opened my first blog at a workshop. Well she was the one facilitating and hers was the first local personal blog that I read. At the time her blog was called The Complicaxion but just as good as it is today.   In the blog, she talks about her experiences with different things.

2. Fikile Nomadlozi- Blogger of Choice

This blog has been up for about as long as mine has. We opened our first blogs together and we have been at it since then. What I appreciate the most about Fikile’s blog is how she sounds on the blog is how she sounds in person. When I read her blog it sounds just like she’s talking to you. It’s funny and it’s honest.

1. Pat Phiri- A View from my throne

I’ve been a Patience Phiri groupie since I first met her so it’s no surprise that I follow her blog.  She’s a Tv host, media personality, creative entrepreneur but what I love the most is that her blog isn’t about any of that. Her blog is about her as a person. And I love it.