I opened my first social media account in August of 2011, I was excited, I’d get to talk to people all around the world, I’d see how other people lived and I would have somewhere to vent whenever I felt the need to. So 9 years later, what have I learnt from social media?

  1. Numbers lie-Bold faced lies
    There are normal numbers which allegedly do not lie then there’s social media numbers- the biggest liars. See I always thought the number of friends or followers that one has on social media are a reflection of how people, especially the said friends and followers feel about you. Like you have to like me a certain amount to follow me, right. But here’s the thing, I have over a thousand Instagram followers and over a thousand Facebook friends and because I am barely ever on Twitter, I have about 700 followers. For somebody like me, whose interaction on social media is in the low percentiles, I’d say I have done well for myself. Only problem is, out of the thousands, I will only ever get 100 reactions at most. So what’s with the other 900 people, why are you here?
  2. Social Media is High School Reincarnate
    Social media is just like high school. You have the good looking cool kids. They are famous for the way they look and everybody wants to be their friend. This is okay except people are so willing to gain the cool kids’ approval that they will enable all of the cool kids’ behaviors. They could say the stupidest things and every one would smile, clap, nod and like and heart and retweet. And then there’s the smart kids, they make some valid points but nobody cares because they don’t look like the cool kids. Then there are the rappers, making beats in their little corner and asking and borderline harassing you to like their music. Then there are the couples, always in everybody’s faces. They love loudly and they fight loudly and it doesn’t matter how hard you try not to notice them, you will.
  3. Don’t give in to the pressure
    Listen, social media is great but it also is full of a lot of pressure. Everyday there is someone on there getting a new job or moving to a new country or getting a new car or a new home or a new baby or a new marriage. It’s enough to make you feel like you are not doing enough with your life. Truth is some people will have stuff figured out earlier than others. The important thing to remember is that you are not in competition with these people. You are running your own race, your victories will also come in at their own time. Don’t give in to the pressure but at the same time, don’t be fooled. There are too many on social media.
  4. Relax, it’s not real life
    I know somebody whose entire life revolves around social media. She will capture every moment and mostly make up moments just for Instagram. It’s really not that deep. Instagram people are technically not real people, they aren’t your friends, they aren’t…so who really cares. Relax it’s just social media.