Having to write this down just reminded me how long it has been since I last my favourite local meal since I had any great local meals. And it’s been too long. I’m not really big on traditional foods mostly because I suck at making them and I believe that has more to do with there not been enough indigenous recipes online than with my failures as a human being.

Anyhu, my favourite local meal hands down has to be amalusu entlek ezangaphakathi in general. What I suppose other people would call “offals” but I have always found that a little pretentious. So “ezangaphakathi” is a mix of beef kidneys, lungs, tripe, intestines basically everything that goes on in the inside of a cow. Except the liver. I’ve never been big on livers.

I like my “offals” (because offals takes less time to type than ezangaphakathi” served with a smoking hot plate of isitshwala and green veggies. The best offals I had were from this dingy place just outside my final year varsity dorm room. I’d go there almost everyday during my last semester. I mean the place was filthy but good food comes at a price, ok.

the dingy offals from the dingy place

I know that it would be prudent to add a recipe here but sis doesn’t know how to cook these and I would rather give you nothing than give you something that would send you to the emergency room. You are welcome.