I always try to remind myself why I started blogging. The truth is I opened my first blog, the now defunct www.nkocykwanele.wordpress.com in 2015 simply because my #bff made me attend this new media workshop. Part of the workshop was starting our own blogs then the next day I realised I did have something to say. My very first blogpost was “What if we are good enough? “. I did a sort of  an appreciation of Jussie Smollet’s “Good enough”and as far as first posts go, it went pretty well.

So was that the point of my blog? To motivate people? To make them feel good enough so to speak? Not really. I blog for myself as much as I do for whoever is going  to read. I find I have a  lot of opinions and because I’m still just in my mid twenties, I figure a lot of these will be wrong, but who cares? They are mine. So I suppose the purpose of my site is to let myself share those opinions, without fear of being judged or misunderstood.

But that’s not all, my blog isn’t all about half baked opinions from someone nearing their thirties, its also a place for me to appreciate people. I have a People category and that’s what this is about.  At some point, I will have so many people featured on here because I realise that I am the sum total of all the people that I know, both those that I like and those that I deliberately steer clear of.

It’s also a place to showcase my work. Be it random bursts of inspiration or stuff that I get up to at my day job. But above all, I’m an introverted introvert. I don’t really say much to a lot of people- especially people I don’t know all that well. So this is my shot to talk to people- without the awkwardness of eye contact. Is it a little odd that i think yacking away at a keyboard is a good enough replacement for human interaction? Absolutely. But this is the way I feel most comfortable talking.

So I suppose this is an electronic diary of sorts. No, don’t expect any deep dark secrets because my life will never be that interesting lol. But whatever I put on here, best believe its my truth. My half baked, unadulterated, usually thoroughly misguided truth.