This is a hard one because I had always wanted to meet Tsitsi Dangarembga. Nervous Conditions will always be one of the most iconic pieces of literature ever written. So I met Tsitsi (yes, we are on a first name basis now-no we are not but it’s nice to pretend) during my Multichoice Talent Factory Interview. She was on the panel and the entire time I was trying not to freak out and willing myself myself not to start fangirling. I may have peed my pants (may have being the operative) but at least I didn’t freak out, okay. So that’s one person off my human list-like a bucket list but for human beings…you get it.

So next on my human list would be Mandla Ngcongwane. He is better known as Mandla N. Now a lot of you may know Mandla N as Themba from City Ses’la and Ses Top La. For quite some time, I always just knew him as that as well. Until I watched the first episode of Lockdown some 2 or 3 years years ago. And while I really enjoyed it, I was more keen to see who the brains behind the production was. Then I saw hawu…nguThemba, well Mandla but still.

I then went back little by little trying to retrace his career, then I learned that he had actually created a lot of the sitcoms I grew up watching like City Ses La and its spin off Ses Top’La, Abomzala and Thandeka’s Diary. He then moved on to more dramatic content which is where Lockdown comes in and can anybody forget the four part miniseries “Sidedish Dilemma?”.

So why do I want to meet this guy? Because I am so inspired. He is one of those creators/directors who are young enough for me to remember them from their early works and it’s so refreshing to see how his career grew over times. He recently challenged himself to shoot a feature film in just 9 days and I suppose it turned out great. The film “Loving Thokoza” premiered on Showmax and I am still to get around to watching it but I am not worried at all.

While we wait for our coffee (because we are meeting over coffee, what did you think? ). While we wait for our coffee, I’ll ask him how he interacts with his cast and crew because all I see about him on his social media is nice things from the people he works with? He would tell me and then we would have coffee and then I would ask to shadow him on one of his days at work then he would say yes or no. Then we would finish our coffee. And then I would go home a very happy child.